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Find top NFT, Blockchain, and DeFi influencers,
Protect your brand against impersonation attacks,
Discover effective ICO marketing strategies.

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Finding the right marketing strategy is hard. Between SEO, AdWords, social media, and paid influencers there are so many options.
At Swearby we believe in influencer marketing effectiveness. Especially for crypto startup. Whether you are trying to advertise a blockchain, a DeFi protocol, or an NFT platform, they are leaders of opinion out there with real influence on your public.
While you shouldn't disregard finding a marketing agency or hiring internally, you definitely should start looking into influencer marketing right now!

Swearby is an influencer marketplace specialized in the cryptocurrency sector

If you are looking to hire crypto influencers, find the top NFT influencers, you are in the right place!
Instead of looking for an NFT or crypto marketing agency, join the decentralized network they use to suggest projects to their followers every day.
Swearby gives a way for influencers and crypto enthusiasts to recommend brands to their supporters and friends. Our marketplace will help you find the right match for your company.

Prevent impersonation attacks and protect your brand

Nowadays scammers impersonate every crypto company to sell fake tokens, run giveaway scams, and such… It damages your reputation and hurts retail investors. Reporting scam websites may help but it is not effective at all.
Swearby provides a way to certify your identity across your website, blog, social media accounts and warn your fanbase against current scams in real-time.
Simply begin by creating your decentralized digital identity and linking your website and social media accounts.
It will ensure customers are on your official media receiving accurate information. And at last it will open the door for certified recommendations coming from top crypto influencers.

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